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Fox Pest Control in Surrey

 Dependant upon your needs or the local circumstances we can offer two Guaranteed types of fox control; both are DEFRA approved and are within the 1971 Wildlife Act.

Dispatchment Of A Fox

Our marksmen use specially licensed small gauge rifles fitted with silencers and night vision scope.  This allows them to humanely and quietly deal with your fox.

You may have read about 'deterring' on the internet, however there are not many ways to deter foxes. High pitched garden alarms they do not work, they only make a hole in your pocket. Spreading lion dung or other smelly items around the garden – this does not work either as once a fox has decided or adopted a path he will stick to it even if you own a large/small dog.

The releasing of trapped foxes into a new area comes under the animal welfare act 2006.  We are fully conversant with this legislation and will deal with the fox as dictated by this act.

 All I will ask from you is that you keep a diary of the times the foxes visit your garden and a note of the activities they undertake.  (this is my working number, if I am waiting for a fox I may have the phone set to silent and not be able to take your call – but I will get back to you)




For a quotation to suit your particular problem please call us  on our mobile 07799060441

We now offer a fox proofing service for gardens, out buildings, sheds and decking fencing.
We will be covering a larger area ,so please ring and see if you are now in our coverage.

We are Fully Insured and Police Registered.